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Emergency care network
The iHELP care network brings together people who are aware of the importance of prompt rescue in cases of sudden cardiac arrest and want to do something about it. Using iHELP application creates a community and enables us to increase survival rates drastically.
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iHELP rescuer

Anyone can be an iHELP rescuer! That is, anyone with a desire to help another human being and is willing to save lives any time voluntarily and pro bono. A rescuer is a person with solid theoretical and practical knowledge of first aid. They must not be legally convicted of a criminal offence against humanity, individual, or property. They must be older than 18 years.

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Local coordinator

The iHELP care network is a community of people who want to help others and those who need help. Local environments in particualar, take pride in engaged individuals who are always ready to do more for the well-being of their town, village, city. These individuals are aware of critical issues, and are always looking for solutions. With the help of local co-ordinators the iHELP care network can thrive and provide safety anywhere on the planet.

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Defibrillator (AED)
  • Location
  • The iHELP database contains 2.461 AEDs
  • Find an AED and integrate it into the database
  • Proper use of AED
Defibrillator (AED)

  • Presentation of the iHELP project
  • Heroes day
  • Education (CPR + AED courses)

Facts & Figures: Did you know that ...
  • you are more likely to survive plane crashes than cardiac arrest?
  • in case of caridiac arrest, brain cells start to die after only four minutes?
  • every minute reduces your survival chances by 10%.
  • it takes 8-15 minutes on average for the rescue unit to arrive?
Facts & Figures: Did you know that

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